Jonathan Will is a commercial and fine art photographer specialising in portrait and event photography. Working on location or in the studio Jonathan finds the creation of portraits compelling, rewarding and irresistible. He also relishes the challenge of capturing live events, seeking out fleeting but significant and essential moments.

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Jonathan is also a designer, to see examples please follow this link for his design work.


Working on location is rarely simple, often at the mercy of countless factors outside of your control. These elements of unpredictability help to breed inventive thinking and the process itself is rewarding with the results always worth the work and effort.

BMX cycle portrait

Lowrider cycle portrait

Letting the days go by #1

Letting the days go by #2

Letting the days go by #6


There is a definite allure to the photographic studio with it's control and precision. The pull of the studio is difficult to resist, whether a dedicated space or a temporary setup.

Angelika, Stimulus, reaction series

Dave, Solo/Ensemble series

Timothy, Solo/Ensemble series

Timothy, Solo/Ensemble series

New Alaska, Solo/Ensemble series

Full sleeve, Personal landscapes series

Collarbone, surgical steel plate & eight screws, Personal landscapes series


Live events compel you to think on your feet, working with the situation at hand with all the limitations and opportunities that arise, always on the hunt trying to capture that fleeting moment.

Timothy, Solo/Ensemble series

Porpoise, Solo/Ensemble series

Rum-Baba's Creative Event, Solo/Ensemble series

Seasick Steve

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